Essay Checklist

Admissions Essay Checklist

The Asset exam does not contain an essay writing component.

However, you will have to take a multiple choice writing skills test as part of your Asset Basic Skills Test.

Your college will probably also ask you to write an admissions essay to be submitted with your college application form.

If you are asked to write an admissions essay, you will be given an essay topic and will need to submit your written essay with your admissions application to the college.

Essay Checklist: Here is what the admission committee looks for in a well-written college admissions essay:

The five following aspects of your written work will be evaluated if you are asked to write an essay as part of the college admissions process:

1. Mechanics – “Mechanics” means grammar. So, the committee will look to see whether your essay has any grammatical mistakes.

2. Structure – This refers to the structure of your individual sentences. The committee wants to see that you can use a good variety of sentence structures that contain a wide array of verb tenses.

3. Organization – The committee also looks to see whether your entire essay is well-structured. Your essay should have a good introductory paragraph that contains a thesis statement, also known as the statement of purpose of the essay. You should finish the essay with a strong concluding paragraph. In addition, the paragraphs of your main body should should be well-organized, using phrase linkers and subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.

4. Development – You need to develop your ideas in your essay. This means that you need to give reasons and examples to support your viewpoints.

5. Focus – The message of your essay must be clear. Your essay must demonstrate a logical progression of thought and have a good written flow. You should not discuss items that are only loosely related or unrelated to the essay topic.