Math Exam

Math Exam – Guidelines for Using Calculators

Here are some guidelines for using calculators during the Asset Math Exam.

The use of calculators is not permitted during the Numerical Skills Test.

That is because the Numerical Skills Test evaluates your basic mathematical reasoning, including the ability to perform simple mathematical calculations by hand, such as fractions and percentages.

However, certain calculators may be used during the Math Exam because the advanced math portion of the exam includes algebra and geometry.

The calulator must be battery operated. Calculators with power cords are not permitted.

Calculators that use a paper take are permitted if the paper is removed.

Laptop computers and any calculator that makes noise are strictly prohibited.

The sharing of calculators with fellow test-takers is also not allowed.

Please see the Official ACT site, which provides detailed up-to-date information on which brands of calculators may be used during the Advanced Math Test.